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Welcome to my grand adventure! 

Growing up, I was influenced by the best of the American North and South. My grandparents opened the original Froehlich's-family grocery store in St. Joseph Michigan in 1946. My parents met while my Father was stationed in the Air Force in Biloxi, Mississippi, where my mother was a native of the South. After he completed his service, he and his bride returned to St. Joe to begin their own family, and continue the family business. 

I was the youngest in our family, with two talented older brothers to compete with. We all grew up working in the store, and every night at our dinner table was spectacular. We ate whatever came home from the grocery, and my mother was always creative and trying new ideas, influenced by her Southern Flare. What we were not able to use in a timely manner, my mother taught me how to preserve. Thus the Froehlich's Pantry was born: to preserve seasonal memories of enjoying the bounty of our area, and continue the decades-long relationships that we have with local farms. 

In 1992 I purchased the old Gazette building here in town (which now houses the Bakery). The original sign from our family grocery hangs inside, as a reminder of my grandparents and the entire family that worked the store together. 

In my many years now in business, I was blessed to be able to indulge my passion for travel, and at one point had an apartment in Florence where I worked as a culinary educator. This is why you will see the Mediterranean influences in my menu.  So along with my mixed background of north and south, each dish at Froehlich’s Kitchen has a story behind it. And those stories are always based on food, and familiarity.                   

    -Colleen Froehlich