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Froehlich's Fresh-Roasted House Blend Coffee


12 oz

Growing up, my family owned a grocery store in a time when produce distributors didn’t exist. To stock our shelves with fresh fruits and veggies, we had to acquire it directly from small, local farmers. We built flourishing relationships and knew exactly where and who our fruits and vegetables came from. This concept is and has always been the cornerstone of our philosophy. We wanted this to be the case with our coffee program as well. Pursuing quality and transparency at every level, our direct-trade importer procures our free-trade beans straight from Latin America’s best small-holder farmers. The raw beans are then roasted fresh, right here in-house every week!   

~ Colleen Froehlich

Comprised of organic beans from Oaxaca, Mexico, our Cafe Finca El Chango produced by WILFRIDO MARTINEZ GONZALES is an amalgamation of the Caturra, Bourbon, Geisha and typica varieties. This honey-processed, beautiful medium roast is lightly fruity with a caramel & stone fruit finish.

About the producer:

Coffee has been part of Wilfrido’s and his family’s lives since he can remember. Wilfrido was born and raised surrounded by coffee trees and coffee cherries. For him, coffee is much more than an agricultural product, it's tradition, it's his life. Finca el Chango goes way back. In the 70s, there were monkeys (changos) hanging in trees and moving about the farm, hence, the name. For his whole life, Wilfrido has continued with his family tradition of producing coffee. However, in 2015, Wilfrido started taking a closer look at his processes and techniques to produce coffee to determine what he could improve to achieve a better cup quality. This involved refining procedures, varieties, and technical details that helped him improve his coffee profile.

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