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"Burn it to the ground!" That's what her contractor brother said in 1992, when Colleen Froehlich purchased an old empty building at 26 North Elm Street in Three Oaks, Michigan. She spent day and night restoring it to fit her vision. By the following Spring, bountiful display cases filled with fresh artisan breads, jams, and preserves glowed in the sunlight. Beautiful housewares & provisions lined the shelves. The vintage neon sign that had hung in her grandfather's grocery store in St. Joseph many years ago was turned on and Froehlich's was open for business.

We are very fortunate to live, work and play where an abundance of diverse crops grow. Whenever possible, based on the season and availability, we procure a variety of fresh fruits & vegetables from family farms within 100 miles of our kitchen. While the commitment to using ingredients from local growers and producers might be a bit more expensive, we know its an important investment that's good for all of us! During the busy harvest season, we plan, purchase and use the produce to create many fresh food options for our customers. As for the produce that we aren't able to use when it's harvested, we preserve it. We use a combination of traditional & innovative techniques, along with local traditions. We jam, preserve and pickle here!